Intermountain Freestyle requires numerous Officials/Event Volunteers to help put on freestyle and freeskiing competitions for our athletes. Host clubs are expected to enlist the help of parents, siblings and friends to fill volunteer positions. Without our volunteers, it’s difficult to run a smooth and successful competition. The following positions are need to be staffed by unpaid volunteers for a Moguls and Dual Moguls competition:

• Chief of Competition (USSA Official’s License Required): Runs the competition and oversees all other volunteers; forms a member of the 3-person competition jury along with the head judge & technical delegate

• Assistant Chief of Competition: At larger events or when training a new chief of competition, an assistant chief of competition may be required

• Scoring: Oversees the entry and verification of all competitor scores into a computer program that calculates competition results

• Scoring Assistant: Works closely with the chief of scoring; it’s a two-person job

• Starter: Readies competitors in the start area and announces the official start of each competitor

• Assistant starter: Works closely with the chief of starting; it’s a two person job

• Judge’s assistant: Assists on the judging stand for Dual Mogul events

• Staple Queen or Staple Stud: Staples the judges’ score cards for Mogul events

• Electronic timer: Works with the chief of scoring or the head judge to record competitor times on the score cards10 

• Hand timers: Two volunteers operate the backup, manual timing for Mogul events

• Finish Line Spotter: Provides visual backup for the judges for Dual Mogul events

• Runner(s): Assists with running score cards from the judging stand to the scoring tent; may help deliver lunches, start orders, and other light-weight items to officials and volunteers

• Announcer: Makes official announcements over the PA system about the event and competitors on course

The Chief of Competition, Scoring and Starter are “skilled” volunteer positions that require some training and experience through an apprenticeship program. Intermountain Freestyle requires USSA-licensed Freestyle Officials for these positions. Clinics and classes are avialbale throughout the year. Please email johngandolfo(at)live.com for more information.

Please volunteer to help out at an Intermountain Division Freestyle or Freeskiing competition coming to a ski area near you!