Intermountain Freestyle “Freeski” Series

Aerial events are held on an aerial jump hill that offers at least three different size jumps. Slopestyle events are 2 to 5 hits held in a terrain park and may include optional rails. Halfpipe events are held in the resort’s existing halfpipe or super pipe. Multiple events may be held in the same day. Field size is limited to the first 100 entrants.

Devo athletes are invited to participate in any Intermountain aerial, slopestyle or halfpipe event provided their coach approves the athlete for his/her selected aerial maneuvers in accordance with Section 3070 of the US Ski & Snowboard Freestyle/Freeskiing Competition Guide.

*Message for 2018 Competitions

Due to the rescheduling of many events this season we have decided to partner with USASA and Big Mountain West Series on all of our Halfpipe and Slopestyle Events at Park City Mountain to run the competitions as one and dual sanction the Freeski events with both USSA and USASA.  This will allow all competitors registered here to earn points towards both USSA Junior Nationals and USASA Nationals at the same time.

This process will require all competitors to be a member of USASA and register for the Events through USASA Big Mountain West Series to start in the event.  If you are not already a USASA Member you can join at  Once you are a member of USASA you can enter the Events at and choose all of the same Events Days you are registered for in USSA as well.

We have reduced the USSA Entree Fee by $25 for the Double Halfpipe February 9, the  Slopestyle February 10, the Halfpipe February 11 and the Slopestyle February 12.  This will offer an increased value for all competitors as you will get double the results at a lower price than you would have if the events were run separately.  If you are already registered for these events I will process a refund of $25 for each competitor in the event.

If you are already registered and unwilling to join USASA and pay the registration fee to Big Mountain West and want to pull out of this event please email me and I will pull you out and process a full refund.

If you are a Combined skier and only competing in the Slopestyle and Halfpipe at Intermountain Division Championships to earn a Combined spot to the Junior Nationals and would otherwise have no reason to have a USASA License you can contact me for a special consideration offer.

Please let me know if you have any further questions or concerns. We look forward to seeing you in Park City at the Pick n Shovel Slopestyle Course and the Eagle Super Pipe.